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The Motor Motive® is an avant-garde company started by first generation Entrepreneur Taha Hussain and is headquartered in Chennai. We manufacture products for you and your performance centric lifestyle using only the new-age sensation in the raw material industry, Carbon Fiber. As staunch as our love for automobiles is, so is for all things Carbon and with this in mind, the primary objective at The Motor Motive is to get to you the finest carbon fiber products at a reasonable pricing. All products at The Motor Motive® are made by skilled Engineers in Germany, Taiwan & Shenzhen using state-of- the-art techniques while meeting the highest Industry criterion.


Carbon Fiber is fine thread of a compound consisting carbon that is woven like a fabric and
eventually layered together to form an end product that is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminium. It is also much more tensile, flexible and is much more non-reactive to chemicals, elements and even high temperatures.

  • Being strong but much lighter than the conventional materials, it is an ideal material to be used to make parts for high performance automobiles.
  • Modern techniques and advanced ongoing research has made it the to-go material for everything from cars to aerospace applications.
  • The end products have a very premium and attractive visual appeal to it, due to the visible carbon weave pattern creating a unique finish.
  • Reduction in weight leads to better performance and less strain on the engine, resulting in
  • Improved performance and fuel economy.

Carbon Fiber is a nouveau material, and thus is as complex to understand as it is to make, especially for users who are new to the concept of producing everyday objects out of carbon. When the concept of using carbon fibre becomes clear to the end users, it is one of the most valued materials among and has high aspirational value compared to other materials. Now-a- days the use of carbon fibre in manufacturing vital components of high-performance supercars and superbikes is on the rise and is only going to keep expanding given the versatility that the material offers. Apart from the more popular automotive and aerospace related applications, Carbon Fiber is also being increasingly used to manufacture products accentuating the contemporary lifestyle.


We manufacture performance parts for supercars, superbikes and luxury lifestyle products and accessories such as the IPhone Case, Money-Clips, Ashtrays and much more. To take a detailed look at our products, click here.


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